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Mambino Organics Daily Essential Face + Body Lotion  150ml


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Mambino Organics Daily Essential Face + Body Lotion uses a brand new natural emulsifying system that is now accepted and approved by Ecocert and the Whole Food Premium list, for use in natural products that are made with ecological and organic standards. Truly one of the kind, it is specially formulated for babies with delicate skin from day one to moisturize and protect their skin from wind, cold and dry weather conditions.

  • Moisturizing and Healing : made of healing organic tamanu oil, organic aloe juice, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil and Organic Green Tea Extracts that protects, soothes & hydrates baby’s delicate skin
  • Great for eczema and minor skin irritations
  • Calming : lightly infused with pure aromatherapy oils (sweet orange and chamomile)

  • For everyday use after bath or before bed time
  • Free of any chemicals or synthetic preservatives
  • Use only gentle, plant-based ingredients
  • For face, body and dry scalp

    Main ingredients and efficacy:

    Organic Tamanu Oil : extremely high in GLA (gamma linolenic acid), prevents skin redness and irritations

    Coconut and Olive Oil : seals in moisture, prevents TEWL (transepidermal water loss)

    Aloe Vera and Green Tea extracts : nourishing and soothing

    How to use

    General usage:
    After bathing, squeeze a small amount of moisturizing lotion on the palm of your hand and apply it to your baby's face and body parts. It can also be used to moisturize dry scalp.
    How to use eczema skin:
    First Use organic evening primrose soothing baby oil to moisturize the skin, wait for 15-30 minutes to absorb, and then use the all-natural soothing body and face moisturizer to replenish and lock in moisture for better results.


    Organic aloe vera juice, organic coconut oil, organic green tea extract, olive emulsified wax, lipophilic olive emulsified wax, cetyl palmitate, sorbitol palmitate, organic olive oil, organic evening primrose oil, organic tower Manu oil, hard palm oil, xanthan gum, organic sweet orange oil, organic chamomile oil