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Maqui Berry – The Anti-Sensitivity & Anti-Aging Superfood

2019 - 03 - 22

Maqui Berry – The Anti-Sensitivity & Anti-Aging Superfood

Apart from the well-known superfoods like turmeric, chia seed and acai berry, have you ever heard of maqui berry?

Being chosen as one of the superfoods in 2018, maqui berry is ranked as a top source of antioxidants in the lab studies. It has the highest antioxidant value of any of the known super fruits like acai berry, blueberry and goji berry which helps to slow down premature aging by fighting free radicals present in the body. These free radicals can cause DNA damage and lead to wrinkles and fine lines—all telltale signs of aging. Not only does maqui berry is anti-oxidant rich but also packs with anthocyanins which help improve sight and protect the eyes. Nonetheless, it could act as a UV spectrum to protect skin from the sun damage when apply topically.

Trilogy Very Gentle Series include the hero ingredient SyriCalm® and combine with the skin-rewarding maqui berry which is packed with 80% essential fatty acids to protect and reduce cell damage and disintegration, it naturally helps reduce redness and inflammation. Certified organic by Biogro, fragrance free & dermatologically tested, Trilogy Very Gentle Restoring Oil is a great 100% natural beauty oil to protect the weakened skin barrier and rebuild the skin’s own natural protective defence function.

Experience the magic of maqui berry with Trilogy Very Gentle Restoring Oil at Trial Price $238 (RRP $295).

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